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MJC Consultant
Engineer Limited

Who we are

MJC Consultant Engineer is a global innovative engineering company based in Ireland with over 20 years of experience in engineering construction, providing services to the Biopharmaceutical, Energy, Oil, Gas, Energy from Waste, among other sectors.

innovative engineering company
independent review and advisory services
Andrew Joyce Welding in Westport

What we do

We provide tailored solutions to mitigate risks, ensure quality, and allow customers to focus on the success of their full project, MJC brings trust to major contracts where the quality standards will be protected through our in-depth oversight, expertise, and focus.

How we do it

We work in an Agile Environment providing digital solutions and expertise in managing major contracts through our innovative management tool. We have developed a fully remote COVID compliant solution for the safe and efficient delivery of every project.

Welding ISO 2000
Field Checks
How we do it

Why we do it

We embrace improvements in life. Our main goal is to provide significant insights to customers in order for them to keep improving daily and for the future projects.

Meet the Team

Business Administration

Marcela Joyce

Human Resources Honors Degree since 2003. Having 10 years of experience in managing HR in the Hospitality Industry.

In 2015 I had challenged myself and immerse deep dive in my career working as an independent consultant pushing myself to acquire new visions and skills.

Today I am proud to say I have developed a focus on Business success through sales management and business administration. I have the power to see through the core of each company having a 360 overview and control of the business.

My passion is to make the most out of people by leading them to be the best in what they love.


Andrew Joyce

Andrew is the founder of MJC. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, he saw the industry requirement for independent review and advisory services that has allowed MJC to grow over the past 5 years.

Andrew is responsible for overall company direction, client interface and is jointly responsible for the implementation of MJC’s business development strategy.

In his career, he has attained extensive experience of major construction projects in Biopharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Energy from Waste, Semi-Conductor and Power Generation sectors in Quality Management and Project Management roles with particular insight into Welding, Coating and NDT.

In addition to welding and NDT qualifications, he also has a Professional Diploma in Project Management and is a Certified Internal Auditor.

Project Controls Manager

Luis Alfaro Sosa

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