Main Services

  • Third Party Review Inspection

    NOTE: Testing regimes can be tailored to suit customer requirements

    • Test Pack Documentation review
    • Verification review of construction & vendor turnover packs
    • Field verification of welding quality (visual and borescope)
    • Review of contractor borescope videos
    • Welder coupon inspection
    • Inspection services for Positive Material Identification (PMI), Ferrite
    • Measurement, and Surface Roughness testing.
  • On-Site Verification

    We offer supervision services of the mechanical contractor to ensure that all the aspects of the applicable specification and client requirements are fulfilled:

    • Preconstruction audits.
    • Supervision of welding procedure qualifications and welder qualifications.
    • Control of daily coupon inspection as the customers representative.
    • Participation in mechanical completion walkdowns.
    • Slope Verification.
  • FAT and Pre-FAT inspections

    We have the experience to offer FAT and Pre-FAT inspections covering vessel, skid units and any associated equipment.

    • Documentation review.

    • Visual inspection.
    • Review of vendor test documentation.
    • Witness of testing.
    • Field Checks i.e. PMI, surface profile and borescoping.
    • Cross-check of weld borescope videos.
    • Workshop and On-site Audits.
  • We can offer supervision and third party approval for weld procedures, welder qualifications and skill tests if required.

    • Qualifications to ASME or EN standards plus any additional requirements of the client.
    • We can review pre-approved welding procedures to ensure compliance to the relevant codes.
    • Review and approval of all NDT procedures for the project in accordance to the special specifications.
    • Provide witness to mechanical testing of weld procedures.
    • Provide the services of a corrosion engineer.
  • Field Checks

    We can offer supervision and third party approval for weld procedures, welder qualifications and skill tests if required.

    • Pre-contract Audit of Contractors.

    • Mechanical Contractor’s Final Documentation.
    • Qualifications.
    • NDT Contractors.
    • Personnel Qualifications.
    • Material Specification.
    • Welding Qualifications.
    • Welding Documentation.
    • Final Records/ Final MDR which can be used by other project departments.

  • We can offer audit services of mechanical sub-contractors. Within our range of capabilities is the ability to ensure compliance with contract specifications.


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